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Toughbook top tool in Motorcorp’s workshops

Laptop and tablet computers may be commodities easily purchased from any high street retailer, but ‘rugged technology’ to meet unusual and demanding circumstances remains an area of specialisation where resellers can add value. That’s clear in the success of Panasonic Toughbook solutions, imported and distributed in New Zealand by Comworth. These machines were recently selected by Motorcorp to handle workshop diagnostics in its Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships.

"These devices push the boundaries of where and how technology can perform; equally at home indoors or outdoors, the Toughbook range includes semi-rugged to fully-rugged devices," says Rachel McBeth, product manager at Comworth.

This potentially opens up new markets for resellers far beyond the confines of corporate offices. "With Toughbook in your portfolio, you can put together compelling value propositions for farmers, utility companies, travelling sales teams, technicians and more."

At  Motorcorp, laptops have joined spanners, screwdrivers and hammers as essential tools in its 20 nationwide dealerships. After initially choosing Toughbooks in 2005, the company  recently deployed an additional fleet of new Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 Mk5 laptops.

Shane Lawson, national service manager, says the workshop environment is a place where knocks and drops, dust, grime and occasional exposure to the  outdoors is to be expected. "The computers are as important as any other tool used  in the workshop and have to be just as reliable. That necessitates the use of ruggedised equipment,"

Rugged drives Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Resellers will appreciate that typical corporate laptop replacement cycles are between two and three years. However, while the initial acquisition cost for rugged technology is higher, the TCO is lower thanks to better reliability and longevity in demanding environments.  With a design which keeps out dust and water and its suitability for a wide range of temperatures, Panasonic Toughbook has a very low rate of failure,  McBeth notes.

"Standard notebooks fail at a rate of one in three; for Toughbook, it is less than one in thirty. The 3-year warranty which comes with these machines is further proof that they are built to last,"

McBeth says this gives resellers a powerful value proposition to meet the needs of unconventional computing circumstances. "Toughbook means it is feasible and affordable to take notebooks and tablets almost anywhere, taking advantages of the benefits of improved collaboration and access to information," she says.

Local support provides better reliability

The availability of local support through Comworth's nationwide presence is a further boost; a proven track record in technology distribution means the company is fully geared to support resellers and end-users. McBeth says Panasonic Toughbook is an ideal companion for challenging jobs. "Within these contexts, knocks, drops, bumps, humidity, dust and splashes are an inevitability. Toughbook is built to take all that into account - and in its stride," she says.

Resellers interested in taking advantage of the rugged market are invited to contact Comworth for more information.