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Rugged Features

Panasonic has taken the experience learned from years of manufacturing rugged notebook computers for field service, law enforcement, public safety, and military applications, and applied this to the industry's most complete line of rugged notebook computers. Panasonic takes durability seriously. Panasonic engineers have designed each notebook, from the inside out, with durability in mind. They are constructed using only leading edge components that have been tested for rugged qualities. Chassis are constructed using the strongest of materials in order to protect your investment. Panasonic has focused on protecting the most expensive components of the system:

1. LCD

The single most expensive component on any notebook computer has been protected using full or partial magnesium cabinet materials offering 20x the strength of ABS plastics.


2. Internal Components

Each chassis is constructed using full or partial magnesium cases, or fiberglass-reinforced materials offering 3x - 20x the strength of ABS plastics.


3. Hard Disk Drive

Although, the hard disk drive is not the most expensive component found in a notebook, it certainly can be the single most valuable item. In order to protect this fragile component, Panasonic has employed the use of flex connectors and gel packaging to improve vibration and shock resistance far beyond other notebook manufacturers.


The TOUGHBOOK line of rugged notebook computers are constructed to reduce breakage, down time, help desk calls, and, ultimately, your total cost of ownership. And, we have a model for every application at affordable prices